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YouTube’s Greatest Hits

I figured something special was called for to christen the new look and feel of the site.

Speaking of which, if you want an avatar to show up next to your comments, just head over to and set up an account with the email address associated with your Brainfarts account.


09 2009

Science works, bitches

Where in the world is Michael Jeung?

Maybe some of you know but I sure don’t. All I know is he no longer posts strange things on our site. I did a google search on him and this is what I came up with:

1. CIS site test. No good since he’s no longer working there. (Why is Jeremy’s face on there?)

2. A not so nice post of an old AIM conversation he had with a friend. (Scroll down to the post dated 7/26/2001)

3. A Brainfarts post about Ask A Ninja.

MJ, I’m calling you out! WHERE ARE YOU?


02 2008

Reminder about banner images

If you have a picture or photo of any type that you would like to see in the rotation of random banner images send it over and I’ll be glad to add it. Otherwise, you all will continue to be subjected to nothing but images of games I’m excited about.


08 2007

The new layout theme

So we got kind of tired of the old theme. If you liked it, well, sorry. We’re going to try this out for a little while. However, please do let me know if you spot any problems with the site under this new theme, and I’ll try to fix it up as quick as possible.

This new theme does provide a few new features, though, such as the mini-nav bar at the top of each page. For now I’ve built in links that will let you quickly search for posts that have either videos or images in them, as well as a link to the Brainfarts Gallery.

Also, I’ve created a nifty little image randomizer for the title bar there. However, I don’t have any images to feed it at the moment. If you have something you think would look good there either post it in the comments here or email it to me, and I’ll throw it in the rotation. Please just be sure that it has at least the width and height as this image.


06 2007

The World Is Coming To An End


06 2007

Connect 44

This episode of BrainFarts is brought to you by the periodic table element Ruthenium.


05 2007

New Feature

By popular request, we have added a real-time news ticker to this site. Vampire clown attacks are on the rise. A recent study shows that Jet Li is the only man suited to play The Joker in upcoming Batman sequel. Berkeley scientists prove Madonna’s lyrics make no sense. According to real estate expert Harvey Birdman, Bay Area housing prices are quote fucking insane unquote. BrainFarts stock currently up 4 points. Trading is light. Steny Hoyer got beat by Pelosi, because Hoyer can’t dance. Hoyer has also had little to no success in getting this Party started. SimCopter One reports heavy traffic. New developments will be reported here as they occur.


05 2007

New Feature

普及した要求によって、今日本語のメッセージを掲示できる。 (将来、逆さまの日本メッセージは可能。である)


04 2007

New Feature



04 2007