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She must have a great 40 time

   Well, here I thought she was all set on going to Med school, but apparentally a couple chats with Suresh and Chrissy gave her a better idea. So next time you see her, make sure to congratulate Ms. Manning on her big day and her new career path.

 On another note, is anyone else tickled by the sight of those super-christian guys–who, I assume, must certainly disagree with evolution–sitting on their high chairs talking about bananas with a fascination only an ape could appreciate? Maybe it’s just me….


04 2006

Global Warming is due to your mom…

Hey Everybody,

I thought this blog at Scientific American was kinda interesting…

Click here


04 2006

I have seen the error of my ways…

…and Kirk Cameron and some Australian guy were my guides.
If you don’t look at comments, go here for full version. Thanks to Emmy for the catch.


04 2006

Quick study break

   Alright, a quick post before I get back to the rapture that is studying for finals.

   Mostly, I would just like to say: how cool is this? With the sole exception of the acceleration curve (which isn’t horrific in the larger version, but could use a boost in the smaller car) those are some damn impressive statistics. For quick reference, my car gets 30 miles per gallon on the freeway (lightly loaded and possibly requiring a friendly, but not necessarily biblical tailwind). So at $3.00 per gallon and driving 12,000 miles per year (the average for an American, which I hope I don’t come close to) That’s $1200 a year in gas money assuming I travel everywhere at 80 mph and never take people in my car. At my more pedestrian average of 20 mpg, its $1800 in gas money, while an SUV averaging a generous 12mpg would spend $3000 a year on gas.

     This car will cost you $230 per year in gasoline (and I think its diesel, which I’m pretty sure usually costs less than gas anyway). So over a 3-year ownership span (short, I know, but hey we’re Americans, and I can’t find a number, so we’ll play it conservative), I would save $2,910 in gasoline, and you’re typical American family is gonna save way more than that.

   Okay, so my short post is becoming a LONG post because I love numbers too much, but one other thing has to be said…

    WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE AND YOUR WEBCOMICS. I mean my God man, have the rest of youi ever clicked on those links on the right hand side of the page? Penny-arcade and PVP are all fine and good obviously. But VG cats has got to be some of the sickest crap I’ve ever seen. Q.C. is like reading Bridget Jone’s diary just to get to the punchline. And I’m pretty sure every character in Wapsi Square is a monster. No human being smiles like that.

     Alright, just had to get that off my chest. Pat out…


04 2006

Something that can be deleted tomorrow

I’m leaving soon. 

I rented a car. 

I’ll be in davis near 11pm. 

We’re doing something. 

most of you will get calls from chicago. 

get your plans in order.

you’re all going.

You have no chance, make your time.


04 2006

Picnic Day

Pat wanted me to come up with a plan for Picnic Day. So here it is: We should all (on our own) walk around campus and check out the exhibits we’re interested in. Then we should meet up at the lake for Battle of the Bands, hang out, get something to eat, dirnk! BAM!

Out of towners for the weekend include: Jeff Brown (Thursday), James Danger (Friday or Saturday), Pat Bocash (Saturday) and Shawn Alpay. Possibly even Jake Meltzer (probably) and Heather McKight (probably).


04 2006

Ummm….I think your watch may be a little slow

    I have discovered something that is going to rock your worlds. There are these things, you see. These things–to which I refer–are called “emulators”. Still with me? good. Now, with these “emulators”, one can run “Roms”. Now here comes the good part. These “roms” are copies of old nintendo, SNES, N64, Sega, etc. games. This means we can play all of our favorite console games RIGHT ON OUR COMPUTERS!

 I shit you not. I’ve already completed the original Final Fantasy and am on the hunt for a Legend of Zelda rom that will actually save. How cool is THIS!!??

 As Emmy put it, welcome to 1995.

 Annnyways, having now laid bare my technological inadequacies, I feel the need to move to a new topic: I don’t want to name names, but I think you’ll know if I’m referring to you when I say that this is all your fault.

In other news, those of you with access to a television may have noticed a sharp increase in the number of commercials warning parents of the health risks of letting their kids eat junk food, not to mention other less savory references to the same subject. Now, maybe I’m just paranoid, but I’m pretty sure that I, Pat Bocash, am the target audience for these commercials. It probably doesn’t help that 30% of the times the commercials come on I’m eating McDonald’s food, but they’re turning me into a total hypochondriac. Why just yesterday I got all self-conscious just because of a little numbness in my left arm. That shit never used to bother me. Stupid teevee.

 On a somewhat more serious note (well….more intellectual note anyway), while I usually strive not to post stuff that would only interest myself, I’m gonna take a chance here and say that I found this article to have some very keen and insightful things to say on the discomfort in the sporting community over Barry Bonds’ potential upcoming breaking of Babe Ruth’s home run record that I think is also a very accessible inroads for non-sports fans on the subject. Let me know what you think.

Also…as for the rain….nothing to worry about…certainly not weather machine related….go about your business… 


04 2006

mmm…voice tricks.


04 2006

AIDS Walk San Francisco

I’m doing the six mile walk again. My goal is $500. Donations are appreciated!


04 2006

Bunnies and Kitties