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Hey Mark! I’ll give you five dollars if you eat/drink…


 “A method for producing a beverage, comprising the steps of providing an aqueous animal extract, fermenting said aqueous animal extract with lactic acid bacteria, and fermenting the product of lactic acid bacteria fermentation with yeast fermentation, to produce an alcoholic beverage. Additional ingredients may be added for flavor or to enhance the fermentation process. In particular, a saccharide source may be added to control resulting alcohol content. ”

 Anyone with five dollars to spend is welcome to play.  Mark, you’re responsible for collecting any money you earn.


05 2006

In need of entertainment

    Being home for the week, I find myself in search of added diversion, and, being inspired by Michael Jeungs comment-record-breaking post (not to mention having lost my previous post to the encroaching comment horde), I have decided to offer a new game.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to create a new word/term and definition from the surnames of those who frequent this site. So, for example, a “Bocashian gaff” would be any action by a male that completely ends his chance to date a female within 30 seconds of his meeting her, while “Narainia” is a magical fantasy world filled with talking animals that exists in Rishi’s beard.

    I think you get the point. Now go! Create! Enjoy! Post Comments! 


05 2006

The line must be drawn HERE!

This is the kind of thing that could drive a person to rashness.

And by person I mean me

And by rashness I mean becoming a masked harbinger of vigilante doom.


05 2006

What to do, what to do……

      I have a confession to make. This may come as a shock to many of you, but I can’t keep it inside any longer…

     I can’t tell Jon Bon Jovi and Kevin Bacon apart. I try I really do, but I just can’t. It’s like God’s playing some sort of sick joke on me. Sure I’ve done my best to fake it. I’ll go to imdb before social gatherings, pick out a Kevin Bacon film or two and then discuss them loudly with others to cover my shame. But it’s all a facade.

     It’s almost enough to make me forget that I don’t have ANY classes for three months. Almost…but not quite. Yes, as of 3:30 am on Thursday the 11th I was O-fficially done with my first year of law school, and in celebration of this fact, I think it’s time to hand out some awards:

      Greatest contribution to my surviving 1L year without (physically) harming myself or others: Ethan Knoop, for showing me the light that is “Ask a Ninja”

     Greatest brainfart(s): Taking a whole semester to figure out the street-cleaning schedule, resulting in $96 in parking tickets; and freaking out because I thought someone had stolen my computer when I was just looking at the wrong desk; and Taking almost 2 hours to get home on a 20 minute drive because I accidentally drove to San Francisco; and losing two jackets and a sweatshirt in each of three consecutive weeks, leaving myself to spend a straight month of rain in a t-shirt; and…you know lets just stop there.

      Best “well-it-could-be-worse” moment:  Pat: “So what are you up to?” Chrissy: “Studying Rectums” Pat: “Oh reallly? How’s that going” Chrissy: “Alright. At least well enough so I shouldn’t hurt the guy tomorrow.” Pat: “…”

      Most surprising new personal record: I must have written the word “lesbian” on my Legislation final at least 30 times. That’s gotta be a first.

      Clearest Indicator I will Die Alone: This year, the passenger seat of my car transported Subway Sandwiches more often than it transported a person. (I even use the seat warmer to keep my sandwiches toasty on the way home)

Well, I think that about does it. Finally, for your viewing pleasure


05 2006

i’m totally famous

I recently acquired 30 seconds of my allotted 15 minutes of fame on the Buzz Out Loud podcast. (If you don’t want to listen to the whole thing, my call is around the 22 minute mark.)


05 2006

Now that THAT’S over with….


05 2006

Google Trends Game

Ok, we’re going to play the Google Trends game. Here’s how you play:

I say “Kitten, Puppy” and then you go over to Google Trends and plug that in. As you can see, Puppy has more searches than Kitten.

The next person has to say “Puppy, BLANK1″ where BLANK1 is something that has more searches than Puppy. (And I mean more searches as of today – the far right of the graph.)

Then the next person says “BLANK1, BLANK2″ where BLANK2 has greater search results than BLANK1. And so on and so forth – repeat until we can’t go any higher. The goal is to keep the chain going as long as we can.

(1.) Like in Ultimate Frisbee, you may not comment twice in a row.
(2.) In the case of a “simultaneous comment”, play is continued from the earlier comment entry – the second comment is discarded as “invalid” or “out of bounds.”
(3.) Michael Jeung is ultimate referee of the Google Trend Game universe.
(4.) All rulings are final. There is no appeal process. There is no instant replay.

Make sense? Ok, good. Play ball.

Kitten, Puppy

Here’s a hint: The next person should try very hard not to say “Puppy, Sex.” You better check it, ‘fore you wreck it.


05 2006

You think you know roshambo?

You think you know how to play roshambo? You know all the strategies? Well, perhaps it is time to move on.

I give you: RPS-15

And when you’ve mastered that, you may be interested in RPS-25.


05 2006

Spoiler Alert

I imagine you’ve probably heard about this already…I heard about it last month and I’ve only just now gotten off my lazy ass to read the thing.

I’m only on Chapter 2, but it’s a little like Resident Evil meets Memento, penned by an author with actually a very good sense of humor. I hate reading crap on my monitor, but I’m making an exception for this. Had me hooked after the first page.

What do you think? Yay or nay? It really disturbs me sometimes that you can find stuff like this offered for free. The internets are a crazy place.

Edit: Or should that be, “The internets are crazy places?”


05 2006

Hey Mike, check it