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Google Trends Game

Ok, we’re going to play the Google Trends game. Here’s how you play:

I say “Kitten, Puppy” and then you go over to Google Trends and plug that in. As you can see, Puppy has more searches than Kitten.

The next person has to say “Puppy, BLANK1″ where BLANK1 is something that has more searches than Puppy. (And I mean more searches as of today – the far right of the graph.)

Then the next person says “BLANK1, BLANK2″ where BLANK2 has greater search results than BLANK1. And so on and so forth – repeat until we can’t go any higher. The goal is to keep the chain going as long as we can.

(1.) Like in Ultimate Frisbee, you may not comment twice in a row.
(2.) In the case of a “simultaneous comment”, play is continued from the earlier comment entry – the second comment is discarded as “invalid” or “out of bounds.”
(3.) Michael Jeung is ultimate referee of the Google Trend Game universe.
(4.) All rulings are final. There is no appeal process. There is no instant replay.

Make sense? Ok, good. Play ball.

Kitten, Puppy

Here’s a hint: The next person should try very hard not to say “Puppy, Sex.” You better check it, ‘fore you wreck it.


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