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Corollary to the previous

  God bless that sick sick group of islands (Make sure you watch til the end, it gets better–if you can believe that)

  Also, a couple of my previous links didn’t work, and I’m not sure why. I can’t remember what the yahoo link was, but the colbert report clip is the one titled “monkey authorship index” on the videos section of the show’s site.


06 2006

Obviously too much time on my hands

   While I am sure that you all watch the Colbert Report as religiously as I do, I feel that these two videos still merit an extra viewing.

This week’s reaction to the internet:

 What? WHY!? Sigh. This can’t end well, ouch and oh that’s just wrong.

 ooookay. Actually, that’s kind of cool.

Also, if you can watch this in its entirety, then despair because there’s MORE


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06 2006

Bush does U2


06 2006

Test your movie knowledge

Here. I got 22/30 because I kick ass. Watch out, the script for recognizing correct answers is a little fucked. It wouldn’t recognize two of mine.


06 2006

I’ve seen everything. I’ve seen it all.

I heard parts of this clip numerous times (mostly mixed into various pieces at YTMND), but I think it is much more entertaining with the video. See it here.


06 2006

mmmmm…special sauce…

 This article was up on yahoo today, and I found it fairly interesting. There’s not much behind it, but I think it said some keen things about McDonald’s and culture given that its just a yahoo travel column.

   While we’re on the subject, have you guys seen the new McDonald’s commercials (One where a guy comes home with a McDonald’s bag and empties his pocket of change into a huge jug of coins–presumably all golden arches leftovers–only to have the shelf on which the jug is place crash to the ground, and a second, where a guy has just finished a mcdonald’s burger and goes to the kitchen to fetch a shirt from his fridge which is apparentally used only for wardrobe storage)?  Out of sheer morbid curiosity, did any of you think of me when you saw it? (Cuz I sure did)


06 2006

A Plan for Music and the Internet

Here is the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s view of how the problem of music and file sharing could be solved in a manner that benefits consumers, artists, and the record companies. I think it makes a very interesting read, and honestly it seems like there is some very sound logic behind the plan. I’m not sure if the logistics in setting up such a system make it impractical or not, but it seems like it must be worth a shot, right?

What do you all think? We’ve got plenty of music lovers here, and even one or two people with a mind for legal matters, right? Could such a thing work, or is the EFF off its collective rocker?


06 2006

You like cartoons?

I’ve got a great link for you then (at least until YouTube goes out of business). This helpful person is maintaining list of full cartoon episodes available on the site. Enjoy!

EDIT: Here’s another good source.


06 2006