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Naked Women (UPDATED 8/29/06)

Go here. I’m sure you will find it interesting.

(Needless to say, this link is not safe for work, but it is suprisingly tasteful at the same time.)

IMPORTANT UPDATE: If you click them, they will turn around.


08 2006

People and things

Odd things I have noticed:

1.) In the local Borders bookstore, the “Death and Dying” section is directly next to the “Eroticism” section, due in no small part to the order of the alphabet.

2.) A local alcohol store advertises proudly, “Alcohol and Pure Water.”

3.) We-cycle Office Wastepaper. Be very afraid.


08 2006

Fucking brilliance: Getting Meta and Joe Lieberman

I hate for this to seem like the “Colbert Clips Blog” but how can I resist sharing these things with you when they are so damn funny?


08 2006

Faking reality with Illustrator and Photoshop

Thanks to Boing Boing:

Check out this stunning collection of photorealistic vector art. I’m having a hard time convincing myself that the vast majority of these are not real photos. (Note: some of these photos may be a bit NSFW, although in a tasteful way.)


08 2006

Riddle me this…

He aptly paddled perpendicularly yon barrel igloo, roughly two halves down a yellow elephant’s moldy midnight yawn.


08 2006

No, *I* love the internet

I know that there are people who swallow swords, but for some reason I find this wonderful, wonderful act infinitely more unbelievable… and infinitely more appealing. Watch it. I don’t think you will disagree.


08 2006

I love the internet

Click here to watch the best video evar. Actually, once you’ve watched the intro, click on “the video” on the left.


08 2006

I thought old people LIKED the heat..!?

What the fuck? I knew about Richard Cizik, but when did this guy start caring about the environment?


08 2006

More fucking brilliance: Wikipedia

Of course, I still think it is an excellent resource, despite the fact that its model does allow for odd artifacts of “truthiness” to show up on controversial subjects.


08 2006