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Global Markets

This might be little dry, but if you have an hour and a half to kill, check out this discussion panel on global markets and job outsourcing. A couple of the speakers bring up some good points about worker exploitation. I think the concluding remarks from Doctor Clarence H. White are particularly insightful.


09 2006

Something slightly different

Since my last post contained nothing of viewable interest, I am posting the following for you.

The Geek Comedy Tour 3000

complete with free samples.  i like (6,2) and (5,2) <–even though this one makes the fun of Highlander 2 that would be (row, column) notation for those of you in the L&S. =D


09 2006

Two things…maybe three.

So this is me avoiding writing you all an email.  Please pass along info to anyone who requires it.

 First, since my professor is in charge of nearshore submissions, it looks like i will be in San Francisco from the 11-15th of December.  If i can find people who love me/house me, i could come out friday night (the…um…8th) and we can party the weekend/week away.  If no-one loves me, i’ll come out the 11th and you’ll still have to party the week away.  Savvy?  Cool.

Second, you guys want to go to mammoth again? at this point it looks like i can get the condo from the 15th-18th (still Dec)  we could drive up friday after the conference, and come back monday.  This time however, i don’t have a car so drivers will be needed.  And we will try to keep betty from downing her drinks and getting kicked out after roughly 30 min =D

Ok, there isn’t a third thing.


09 2006

Entertainment Courtesy of GWJ

Here are two videos and a picture recently found over at Gamers With Jobs. Enjoy!


09 2006

Scientists planning on recreating big bang

Freaking awesome.

As quoted from the article: “They estimate the possibility of accidentally destroying the planet as extremely low.”

The end of the world is nigh.


09 2006

This offer is real and is no mistake.

Today I received an advertisement for Best Western Resort in the mail. I don’t have anything to say about it – it just struck me as very, very strange.

Best Western

At first I thought this got sent out by accident, but after reading it carefully I found out I was wrong.


09 2006

Bunny Seppuukkuu

(Yes, that is the correct spelling.)

Continuing in the vein of posting random amusing things.

Pat, James, Jeff, Shawn, Sara. (One billion million motivational RPG posters. Collect them all.)
Ethan. Can you please ID this podcast for me.


09 2006

Bloodsport, the freshmaker


09 2006

The Power of the Question Mark

I don’t want to in any way quell our fabulous picture battle, but a blog I read from time to time linked to this clip an reminded me how funny it was. Yes, yes, it is quite old. But still, quite funny. Enjoy. (and then get back to the battle thread!)


09 2006

Battle Royale part 2

The previous thread of comments is getting a bit long in the tooth, so I thought I’d start a new post to house our ongoing battle. I’ll repost my last comment from the old thread as the first comment in this one.


09 2006