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Colbert: Beware the Wii


11 2006

Component vs Composite Video

This is almost entirely for Mike’s benefit (or for anyone else who is thinking about buying a new TV). This is a great comparison of the quality of video carried by each cable type when connected to a good TV. The moral here is that if you have a TV that has component video inputs and you have a device that you would like to get a good image out of, use the component cables. It will make a difference.


11 2006

Curse of the Golden Flower

Chow Yun Fat is in it.

I’m kind of hoping that this one is better than House of Flying Daggers. Flying Daggers passable, but when you put it up against Hero, it just doesn’t stick. If I remember correctly, Flying Daggers had too many weird plot twists and the CG was just a little too obvious. But I guess Yimou is milking the epic legendary kung fu drama genre for all it’s worth.


11 2006



11 2006

“Series of Tubes” Contest

Attention: We will now begin the first Series of Tubes Contest. As everyone knows, the Internet is of a series of tubes. In this contest, we will explore the nature of these tubes.

Rules are as follows:
1.) There is a maximum of three video submissions per person.

2.) Video submissions must come from YouTube.

3.) Submissions must have an accompanying title that you yourself make up containing some superlative. For example, here are some acceptable titles: Most Amazing Stunt, Worst Birthday Ever, Scariest Remix, Extremely hilarious rabbit. Here are some unacceptable titles: This is kind of funny, I laughed at this video, Sort of sad kitten.

4.) Winners will be declared on Friday, November 13th, 2093. Winner of first place may or may not receive three and a half dollars in nickles.

For those of you who do not know how to post YouTube videos, please follow these instructions. Somewhere on the YouTube page there will be a box that says “Embed” looking something like this:


Copy and paste this code into your comment. Don’t forget to include your title. Otherwise, your entry will be disqualified.

Good luck!


11 2006

Ripped from today’s headlines…


11 2006

Top 10 Things That Suck About “Spy Thriller” Shows

10.) The main character will be tall, white, and male. He will have a maximum of three emotional states: In-Control-Angry, Out-Of-Control-Angry, and (occasionally) Sad-Angry.

9.) All Muslim characters on the show will be terrorists, except for the one Good-Guy Muslim who is on the main character’s team.

8.) Women characters will never get along with each other. They will become embroiled in political cat fights. These cat fights will be sexy and/or hawt. 90% of the Good Guys efforts will be directed towards political inter-agency maneuvering and one-upmanship. Sometimes they will do actual work during the commercial breaks.

7.) Everyone is fluent in seven different languages, but on camera they only speak English.

6.) Computers can solve every imaginable problem. All you need is someone wearing glasses to type furiously on the keyboard, sweat a lot and shout things like, “I’ve bypassed their security protocols and broken into their network!”, “The firewalls are holding!” and “Just a few more seconds!”

5.) The Good Guys will have a woman in a powerful position in order to show that girls are good at fighting terrorists too.

4.) The Good Guy team will contain one Mole. The Mole will spend the first twenty episodes conveniently disappearing to communicate all of the Good Guys’ plans to the terrorists. The Good Guys will suspect nothing.

3.) The main character will inevitably have a Helpless Girlfriend. The Helpless Girlfriend’s role is to have sex with the main character, panic, be scared, answer the telephone, fight back tears, cry, and get taken hostage by the terrorists.

2.) The terrorists’ plot will be comprised of multiple phases. The audience will know when a new phase has begun because one of the terrorists will pull out a cell phone, speed-dial a number and then say something like, “Begin phase sixty two now.” The terrorists’ plot will also be incredibly convoluted, containing many sub-plots, mini-missions, plot holes, red herrings and conflicting agendas all of which serve to obfuscate the terrorists’ true purpose. The Good Guys will spend all of their time hunting down these false leads and falling for all of the terrorists’ traps and misdirections.

1.) In at least one scene, the audience will get a special glimpse into the main character’s personal hell. (When the main character cries, the audience learns that fighting terror is hard work.)


11 2006

President SOTU Tag Field

It’s interesting for a few minutes.

In other news,
1.) John Le Carre’s new book, The Mission Song, is worth reading. (Although it’s probably not his best.)

2.) I’m currently debating whether or not to get a Costco membership.

3.) Because the only DSL port for my apartment is located in my bedroom, I recently purchased 100 feet of telephone wire and spent the last two hours taping it across my kitchen ceiling. This post is brought to you via that telephone wire.

4.) We didn’t win the costume contest. We were robbed of our victory by a team of clowns. Literally, a group of clowns beat out our Pac-Man group. Clowns. WTF.


11 2006

One for the physics guys


11 2006

PSA: Guitar Hero 2 is Coming

I hope you enjoyed having a face, because it is about to be melted off. Be sure to watch the whole video.

The game should be widely available next week, although there are reports on the internets that some retailers have it in stock and are breaking the street date.


11 2006