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Silent Film

I also find this entertaining.


12 2006

Badass Gaming Headset

This is mostly for Michael’s benefit, but the rest of you might get a kick out of it as well. These are the headphones that I just bought for Emmy. They come with a small audio decoder box that plugs directly into the optical (or coax) digital audio output of your Xbox, PS2, DVD player, computer, or whatever else you might have that puts out a 5.1 audio signal and provide a pretty good surround sound experience. That alone would be pretty awesome (since you don’t have to drop half a grand on a big sound system to get the surround sound), but they also feature a detachable microphone, which solves the logistical nightmare of trying to play games on Xbox Live while using headphones.


12 2006

Credit Where Credit is Due

I know, I tried to weasel out of my loss in the comments of Mr. Jeung’s winning post. But the fact is, even though my excuse was true (I was on vacation) it still wasn’t valid. I was checking the site each day, and somehow I forgot about the post from December 19. Well, congratulations Michael. You win Brainfarts Connect Four… this time.

However, that is not all you win. Oh no. You also win the award for the single most awesome Xbox Live gamertag ever. You other bastards want to know what it is? Maybe you ought to get your asses an Xbox 360 so you can play some games with us then, shouldn’t you?

Speaking of which, you really ought to play Gears of War co-op, Mike. The single player campaign is fun, but it was made to be played with another person. I promised Emmy that I would play though on the hardcore difficulty with her (we did casual already), but then some other game distracted me and she ended up playing most of it with one of our GWJ friends. As such, I don’t think she’d get too upset if I ran through it with you. Or hell, I won’t get upset if you run through it with her. Point is, you really, really ought to play it co-op. We’ll be around most of the weekend, so let us know if you are interested.

Oh, and a few suggestions: Hexic is cool (expecially since it is free) but you ought to check out at least two other Xbox Live Arcade games: Geometry Wars and Lumines Live. Those games are absolute musts.


12 2006




12 2006

Top 5 Reasons Why My Apartment is Haunted

5.) When it’s windy outside, I can hear ghosts in my stove.

4.) A family member gave me an Azalea plant to “brighten up” the apartment. No matter where I put the plant and no matter how diligent I am in watering the thing, the plant refuses to live. When I first got it, it was in full bloom. Now, it has one single brown flower on it.

3.) I recevie eerie messages on my answering machine on a regular basis. They usually come from a very frantic woman explaining to me that her daughter won’t be able to come in to school today because of an accident.

2.) Ever since I moved in, I have developed a troubling habit: I am constantly leaving my keys in the door. I come home from work, unlock my apartment, step inside and lock the door securely behind me with my keys left dangling on the outside. Yesterday, someone pounded really really loudly on my door with a lead pipe and when I went outside to see what the fuck was going on, I found an empty staircase and my keys in the lock. If that guy had wanted, he could have come in and murdered me.

1.) I do my laundry in the middle of the night on Saturday, because I’m gauranteed to have unhindered access to all of the machines. Last week, no matter how many quarters I shoved into the drying machine, my clothes would not dry. When I pulled everything out of the dryer to figure out what the hell was going on, I discovered that my clothes were soaked in blood.


12 2006

Cheer Up Motherfuckers

Dear Pat,

I watched that 30 Rock show, like 3 episodes of that shit and it is only OK. Maybe I’m not getting it. Maybe it’s too smart for me. Despite the fact that Alec Baldwin is the baddest man alive, the first three episodes aren’t doing it for me. Please put on the ROFLskates and launch the LOLercopters ASAP.

Michael Jeung!!!@!@!@!!!twelve


12 2006


So, I know that I already posted about this, but recently the TED website put up a 4 minute video of a poem performance by some dude named Rives. I quite enjoyed it – the man has chops. You can check it out here.


12 2006

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Looking for the perfect gift for that bratty niece or nephew that won’t stop pulling your hair and kicking your shins? This list of unsafe toys is sure to contain exactly what you are looking for no matter what the age or gender of the troublesome tyke you are wishing physical harm on this holiday season.

What is my favorite? Probably number 8, the Johnny Reb Toy Cannon. Why? Well, just listen closely to the lyrics in this fabulous ad.


12 2006

A Star Wars Christmas

I only made it about halfway through this monstrosity, but if you are interested, there is more.


12 2006


I’m sure you’ve all had a chance to check out Mark’s and my pictures over at the Gallery. I just wanted to let you all know that Ethan, Mark and I are famous. Although Ethan’s face is the only one that you can actually see.


12 2006