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The Game (this one doesn’t star Michael Douglass)

Anybody up for making legislation into the game of the century? Fantasy everything is the current hip thing to do, so Fantasy Congress is I guess a logical step. It’s easy: you pick a team, and the people on your team get points for running legislation through Congress. In other words, it doesn’t pay to bet who you want to do well, you should go with who will do well. If y’all are interested, let’s start a league and rock this bitch. If not, it’s cool, I’m in a league with someone else, too. And don’t worry, I don’t know most of our Congressmen, either.


01 2007

Group Project!

    So there is this absolutely awesome word association game that is probably going to take every one of us to solve. It begins with barnyard and then branches out like crazy. The chart of boxes in the upper left is all the different screens that are included in the puzzle, each anchored by a central term. To see how they connect type in “farmer” and then “humans” to get to the edge of the first box, then click on the newly opened box in the chart and type in “people” to see how one would get between boxes.

    After you’ve gotten some words, go to “save game” and then copy the link into the comments section. Then, when people want to add to it, they can copy that link in to add in all the words you got.

   There is only one major rule: DO NOT LOOK THINGS UP. We’re going to see just how far our communal knowledge will get us.

   Good Luck!

   P.S. Courtney and I got a little ways, so I’ll leave it to others to get started, since doing the first page is where you kind of get a feel for it.


01 2007

Boxes for Everyone!

I’m quite sure that by now everyone has seen this wonderful little clip from SNL:

However, seeing as you fellas may be feeling a bit left out of the “genitals in a box” craze, it is my great pleasure to be able to provide you with the following:


01 2007

Words and Phrases

Ok, we’re going to play a game. Here’s how it works. In the next section of this post, I have listed 10 different words or phrases. WITHOUT LOOKING at other people’s answers, you must write down whatever first comes to mind for each one, and post them all in a comment.

This works best if you first open up TextEdit or Notepad and write your answers in there. Then you can go to the comments section and paste in your answers. You aren’t allowed to look at the comments until you’ve completed this exercise. Let me repeat that – this is important – you aren’t allowed to look at the comments until you’ve completed this excercise.

NO CHEATING. HAVE YOU READ THE INSTRUCTIONS? ARE YOU READY? If you are, then open up TextMate or WordPad or whatever and select the hidden text below to reveal the words and phrases. (In order to get the full effect, I prefer that you select and answer one at a time, but if you can’t do that, it’s OK.)

1.) Japan
2.) Candy ______
3.) You must remember this
4.) Top hat and monocle
5.) Errand boy
6.) Then I’ll see you in hell!
7.) Copious
8.) Patrician
9.) Tastes like _____
10.) First pull up, then pull down.


01 2007