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Weird Headlines

Want to know how to do something?

Check out

Thanks to my pals at I found this neat youtube like video site that features hundreds of how-to videos on a variety of different topics. Some are a bit lame, but others are quite informative and/or entertaining. Also, they all feature sexy british accents. Hard to beat that, right?

(This video might be a good place to start.)


02 2007

PSA: You should play Crackdown

While the game certainly isn’t perfect (here is a fairly accurate write-up of its pros and cons), I guarantee that each and every one of you will have a blast if you pick up this game. Michael, I know you’re still in the middle of Oblivion, but you might want to take some time out to play this one.

The basic idea is that you play a genetically engineered freak being used by a clandestine police force to clean up a city full of gangs. There is no story to speak of, and no missions, just a giant city for you to run around in and wreak havok (on bad guys, of course). As you play, you build your freak up to be able to run faster, jump higher, drive better, shoot more accurately, lift heavier objects, and make larger explosions. Then you use those new abilities to better explore the city, jumping from rooftop to rooftop blowing up villians in more spectacular ways. And that’s it. And again, while the game certainly has its imperfections, I dare you to not have an absolute blast playing it.

Edit: Somehow I forgot to mention that it has an online co-op mode. Well, it does, and it is awesome.

Oh, and also if you get ahold of a copy from the first shipment you will be able to use the disc to participate in the Halo 3 muliplayer beta later this spring, which is definitely a nice little bonus.


02 2007

Bunny Jumping (Friday Video Flood Part 4)

This is my first sports post in the history of BrainFarts.


02 2007

Beatbox Flute Mario Theme (Friday Video Flood Part 3)

I think this one speaks for itself.


02 2007

One for Mr. Alpay (Friday Video Flood Part 2)

I’m not sure if Shawn reads Brainfarts, but I think he’d appreciate this clip. Mark, I charge you with the task of making sure he checks this out.

Also, you might head over to Youtube and check out his other clips there. The guy is hilarious.


02 2007

The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello (Friday Video Flood Part 1)

I have no idea what this is, but it was fascinating to watch.

A related website.


02 2007

UC Davis Flashmob

Guys — seriously. What the crap?


02 2007

I have three PS3s

Well, I don’t. But this guy does, and I thought you guys might be interested in what he has to say about it.


02 2007