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More “magic”

Watch the first video first.

Find more by searching for Darren Brown on YouTube. Oh hell, I can’t resist. Here are a few more good ones.


05 2007

A card trick?


05 2007

New Spiderman 3 toys!

I thought those of you who actually watched the movie might be able to find some measure of catharsis with this video.


05 2007

The Cube

Continuing the Jim Henson theme from yesterday’s post, check out this teleplay that he produced early in his career. It’s about an hour long, but it is quite entertaining and worth watching when you have the time.

(I wonder if this 1997 thriller was in any way inspired by this film?)

Below is an embedded version, but if you use the link above you will be able to watch the video in a larger format.


05 2007

Selling the Muppet Show


05 2007

Mutiny on Nancy Grace’s Bounty

Even though this is a clip from a major news network, you still might not want to watch it at work.


05 2007

Funny because it’s true


05 2007

Google Maps Flight Sim

I promise that this is 100% work safe.


And that’s the end of the two weeks worth of content that I banked up two weekends ago. Will the Gamers With Jobs video thread again deliver me a treasure trove of good stuff to share with you guys when I check it tomorrow evening? We shall see, I suppose.


05 2007

Fun with alchohol and animation

Hmm, I guess at this point you probably shouldn’t watch anything I post at work unless I specifically say that it IS work safe.


05 2007

Fun with alchohol and video games

Needless to say, you might not want to watch this at work.


05 2007