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Darth Vader in Love

A little Halloween treat for you all.


10 2007

Extreme Unicycle Action

Complete with inspirational Christian punk rock!


10 2007

The Backup – Only $39.95!

I’ve always felt like my bed was missing something. Now I know what it is:

“A gun rack? I don’t even own a gun, let alone enough guns to necessitate a gun rack.”

But wait, there’s more! doesn’t allow embedding of their content, but they have an excellent analysis of this video. I assure you, it is worth following through the link.


10 2007

Jonathan Coulton – Baby Got Back

Many of you may know nerd troubadour Jonathan Coulton from his most famous tune Re: Your Brains, or from his truly inspired song Still Alive from the end credits of Portal (I’m not going to link the song, since you need to play the game — it’s brilliant and it only takes about two and a half hours to beat). If you don’t know him, check those links and get to know him, yeah? Okay, cool. Now that you’ve done that, I give you his soul stirring redition of Six Mix-A-Lot’s classic ode to big booty.


10 2007

If architects worked like programmers

Curious as to why guys like me and Michael can complain about stress when we get paid ridiculous amounts of money to sit in front a computer for 8 hours a day? I think the following (which was originally posted here) might help shed some light on the matter.

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10 2007

Halo Madness: Unbelievable Jumps


10 2007

The Sparta Remix

Right. Did I say I was done posting 300 stuff? I meant I was done for a while. I made that clear, didn’t I?


10 2007

Tastes like liberty!


10 2007

Two (million) can play at this game

See, I can post crazy Halo Happenings as well! Just, not with that cool embed thing…bastards

EK Edit: Magic!


10 2007

You’re gonna play Pole Position!


10 2007