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Fox News Porn

So while we’re on the subject of how shitty Fox News is:


01 2008

Mass Effect? More like Mass Erect!

In case you missed it, the event they are making fun of is embedded after the jump. It’s quite possibly more hilarious, even if it is horrifying and saddening.

Edit: Really, watch the video embedded after the jump as well.

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01 2008

Subarus and snowboards


01 2008

Hippo sweat is very valuable, it seems


01 2008

Learn English!

Very NSFW audio.


01 2008

Happy Caturday: Lasagna Cat

Yeah, I’m not sure what to think about this, but I think you all need to see it.

Here’s a sample:

More after the jump.

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01 2008

Technology is amazing: Remaking a movie

Sorry, this one can’t be embedded. However, please click through this link and see how three guys, some computers, and a little technical wizardry can recreate the opening scene from Saving Private Ryan.


01 2008

Regular Everyday Normal Guy, Redux

NSFW lyrics. (See the first part here.)

Everyday Normal Guy Rap Song 2 – Watch more free videos


01 2008

Mission Impossible?

How about trying to not be so crazy and egotistical?


01 2008

William Shatner’s “Rocket Man”

This one never gets old.


01 2008