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Target Practice


03 2008

Friday Evening Post

This week’s winner is Tuesday, March 25th. At 8:02 AM PST, they felt all of the following items concurrently newsworthy:

Injured Emilio could face coma, memory loss
Anchors get ticked off with one another
Britney goes for laughs in flirty ‘Mother’ role
Newborn kitty’s fur says, I (heart) my mom

Two special mentions this week! The first is for Emilio, an apparently beloved singer who had an accident on his tour bus resulting in 4 consecutive days in the CNN headlines.
Monday, March 24th:
Grammy winner Emilio badly hurt in crash

Tuesday, March 25th:
Injured Emilio could face coma, memory loss

Wednesday, March 26th:
Emilio undergoes second brain surgery

And, with no direct Emilio news immediately available, Thursday, March 27th:
Emilio’s brother: ‘I felt stuff falling over me’


The second special mention is the “Worst Reporting Award” for the Man Claims He’s Pregnant story. This story features, among other things: no interviews with the subject of the story or his wife, no information about similar hoaxes or the scientific evidence behind their debunking, a reporter walking around with a picture of a shirtless man on his laptop, and is basically just someone at CNN saying “Look! Some schmoe on the internet from some town somewhere has made a highly dubious claim that refutes all conventional science. We must report on this.” (Please note that the original story is no longer available on their website. While this is most likely due to space restrictions, I prefer to think they removed it out of embarassment).

If the reason for doing the story was to debunk the claim for the few people out there who might believe such a thing was possible, they failed miserably to even attempt that. Having a couple of neighbors say “No, I don’t think he’s pregnant” doesn’t really prove much. If they went out as a credulous party to give some credence to his claim, they did an even worse job of that, being unable to reach him in person, by phone, or, apparently, even via e-mail, to make a statement, and certainly didn’t find anyone who might be able to verify such a claim–neighbors saying “Oh yeah, he’s pregnant” would be an equally unimpressive way to prove this miracle of nature. So we’re left with a story that goes nowhere based on a rumor from the internets.

Finally, I give to you, Katie Couric, Wiki Journalist.


03 2008

We are za world-u!


03 2008

Give the public what they want?

For anyone who’s interested, I highly, highly recommend this program. While you should watch all of it, one of the highlights comes in part three when you contrast what the president of ABC News says in “A New Definition for What’s News” to what Ted Koppel says in “Network News: Then and Now.”


03 2008

The Call of Echo Mountain

Courtesy of our good friend James Danger:


03 2008

Much better than actually watching The Predator


03 2008

Channeling the spirit of DaVinci


03 2008

A touching Bar Mitzvah speech

Happy Easter!


03 2008

Saturday Morning Post (Friday Evening Edition)

This week’s winner for most ridiculous collection of CNN Headlines is Wednesday, March 19! At 8:16 AM, PDT, with a total headline count of 15, the following news stories appeared together:

Spitzer escort’s ‘Girls Gone Wild’ videos surface

Runaway bride’s ex-fiancé finally a groom

Buzzard smashes into plane in mid-air
(This merits special distinction, as it was on the headlines page for at least a full day)

George Clooney on engagement rumor

Honorable mentions are awarded to:
Yahoo!, for: Activision to bring ‘Guitar Hero’ video game to Nintendo DS (isn’t this called “free advertising”?)

And Thursay, March 20th for CNN‘s: Couple wear sweaters from dead dogs’ fur


03 2008

PSA: See The Hammer this weekend

So as some of you know, Emmy and I are Adam Carolla fans. You may not know, however, that he has an independent film called The Hammer and that it will be opening today at a few theaters near many of us. It’s a comedy with a plot line in the vein of Rocky, but it’s getting some good press and seems to have wider appeal than you might expect either from Carolla or from a boxing movie. What’s more, it is an independent release and it needs good numbers and good word of mouth this weekend if it is going to go anywhere, so if you don’t already have plans tonight or tomorrow why not go out and check it out?

(Emmy and I will be watching it here, but those of you in the Bay Area may prefer to see it at the Metreon or the Shattuck 10.)


03 2008