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Still Dancing

I’m sure we all encountered Matt, the retired dot-com era engineer now world traveling dancing fool years ago. Well, let your envy know no bounds, as it seems he is still making his trips, now with an HD video camera.


06 2008

Bad news about tomorrow…


06 2008

Robot music week continues

First they take over our music…


06 2008

Need to kill about 10 minutes?

Then watch this Orbital video:

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06 2008

Requiem for a Day Off


06 2008

Hipster Olympics


06 2008

Little. Yellow. Different.


06 2008

He makes some good points


06 2008

PSA: Beware of Sporn

So as you may be aware, Will Wright (creator SimCity, the Sims, and everything else Sim) has been working on a rather ambitious video game for the last few years called Spore. The concept is that the player will get to guide and manage the development of a life form from its origins as a single cell organism all the way up to the trials it will face as a space faring society, all the while interacting with creatures, cultures, and civilizations pulled from a centralized database of other players’ creations. If you’d like to know more, a simple Google or Youtube search will yield you a wealth of information on the game that is likely to pique your interest.

Anyway, it’s finally nearing completion and is scheduled to be released for the Mac and the PC this fall, and as a bit of a demo they have released the creature creation tool for one of the middle stages of the game, where your creatures have evolved into a complex tribal species. The full version is selling for $10, but a free trial with about a quarter the content can be downloaded here.

Now, I did want to make sure you folks knew about the game in general, but I also wanted to provide you with ample warning of what is sure to be the latest inescapable and potentially psychologically damaging NSFW internet meme: Sporn. After all, simple logic dictates that if you give the internet a fun, creative tool, it will give you in return giant dongs, humping monstrosities, and recreations of old internet favorites. So, consider yourselves duly warned, and enjoy. ;)

(These links will probably be taken down, so check them today if you have a chance.)


06 2008

Great moments in local news: Punctuation is important


06 2008