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YouTube’s Greatest Hits

I figured something special was called for to christen the new look and feel of the site.

Speaking of which, if you want an avatar to show up next to your comments, just head over to and set up an account with the email address associated with your Brainfarts account.


09 2009

He’s a Suitor!

Well, except for that rhotacism thing.


09 2009

Auto-Tune the Cosmos


09 2009

PSA: Forza 3 is coming soon

Not that I expect that many of you will care. I, however, am very excited — now if I could only drive as well as these guys. :D

(If you have time to let it load, be sure to click through and check out the HD version of the video.)


09 2009

Bad dog, bad hog


09 2009

Cheers to You!


09 2009

Valid concerns


09 2009

Video Dating Superstars


09 2009

Nature is amazing: Our powers combined…

What happens when a volcano and a thunder storm collide, as they did in Chaitén, Chile in May of 2008.

More stunning images can be seen here.


09 2009

Happy Caturday: Heated Conversation


09 2009