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Time’s Scar

Yeah, I just posted another of this lady’s videos a few days back. But hey, it’s better than posting nothing, right? Also it’s a gorgeous piece of music that’s worth listening to. Deal with it.

For those who may not have played many video games in the late 90s, Time’s Scar is the main theme from Chrono Cross, and was written by my personal favorite video game composer, Yasunori Mitsuda.


11 2011

This kid’s going to have an interesting life…


11 2011

Elder Scrolls Theme Medley

I know, I know. But really, the only things I’ve been looking at on the internet for the past week have been Skyrim related.

Okay, how about this; after the jump you’ll find a nice non-Skyrim bonus of the same violinist playing music from Metal Gear Solid.

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11 2011

Skyrim in Timelapse

Guess who is still lazy? I didn’t even find this one, Matt did. Seriously, though, check it out, preferably full screen and in HD. It’s gorgeous.


11 2011

Dead End Thrills (aka, More Skyrim)

Still too wrapped up in Skyrim to find new videos, but how about some nice desktop wallpaper options?



Dead End Thrills is a “photo” blog put together by a games journalist who takes games and tweaks the hell out of their configurations to produce stunning screen captures. He says that occasionally he’ll mod a game a bit to clean up textures and the like, and occasionally he’ll do the smallest amount of color adjustment or gamma correction in Photoshop, but essentially his goal is to capture the game designer’s vision as best as is possible within the game’s realtime engine. (That said, he admits that the configurations he uses almost as a rule make the games unstable to the point of being unplayable, but it is still the game’s art at the end of the day.)

Anyway, he’s been working with Skyrim for the last week or so, and the output is fucking insane. His blog highlights his favorites, but his Flickr page has over a hundred gorgeous shots, all available to download in glorious 1920×1080, suitable for display on your desktop.

A few more choice shots after the jump.

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11 2011


I’m out of saved material and I’ve been too lazy to look for more stuff, so instead please enjoy this video of the awesome game I’ve been playing instead of looking for funny videos on the internet. No, nothing particularly special, just a video showing how the game looks with the settings turned all the way up.


11 2011

Nyan Caxx


11 2011

Havin’ a good time


11 2011

Atomic Tom — Don’t You Want Me


11 2011

Happy Caturday: Enjoy the nightmares

(AKA “Welcome to Kitty City”)


11 2011