YouTube’s Greatest Hits

I figured something special was called for to christen the new look and feel of the site.

Speaking of which, if you want an avatar to show up next to your comments, just head over to and set up an account with the email address associated with your Brainfarts account.

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09 2009

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    Slick. This looks great. Is this a new skin, did you hack the hell out fo the site to do your own design, etc? Whatever the case, very nice.

  2. Ethan #

    Well, to begin with the backend software (WordPress) was massively out of date — like three and a half years out of date — and was desperately in need of an update for security reasons.

    Once I ran the update, though, the old theme started to show it’s age too. Aside from the fact that it couldn’t comfortably accommodate widescreen video from YouTube, Vimeo, and elsewhere, it also couldn’t take advantage of a lot of new features of WordPress (the least of which was avatar support), and to be honest, while it was nice looking it was just time for a change I think.

    Anyway, as with the last design, this new design is a freely available WordPress theme (as credited at the bottom of the site) with more than a couple customizations and tweaks of my own.

  3. Michael #

    third postx0r

  4. Emmy #


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