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Pat, James, Jeff, Shawn, Sara. (One billion million motivational RPG posters. Collect them all.)
Ethan. Can you please ID this podcast for me.

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09 2006

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  1. Ethan #

    Those are awful…. awfully funny!

  2. Ethan #

    Zen Noir looks… interesting.

    As for the podcast, it isn’t one that I listen to. However, seeing as the crazy dude mentioned his Gamespot account name near the end of his rant, I would guess that it is one of the ones they produce.

  3. Michael Jeung #

    Yes…Zen…Noir…does look… … …interesting.

  4. Michael Jeung #

  5. Michael Jeung #

    It actually reminds me a little of The Singing Detective. An excellent movie.

    Although I think I like Brick better.

  6. 6

    Brick is a fantastic movie. I don’t recall a film that has used what is either an original, or at least very uncommon, new vernacular so successfully since, perhaps the ’40s. (“Frak! Frak the frakking frakkers.” Seriously.) “A Clockwork Orange” kind of did it, but I remember thinking it was all too awkward, so maybe I should credit the actors with this one. Either way, the story had enough grit and humor to make it one of the only enjoyable “high-schoolers-enacting-adult-stories” movies ever, and I am a sucker for noir.

    Zen Noir has been getting good reviews, if the posters for it are any indication. Of course, they could all be from Jerry Jerkoff from WOOT radio, but they might also be from real reviewers. It does have two of my favorite things in the world, namely Buddhists and oranges, and it’s also got Kim Chan playing someone besides “Uncle Benny,” so it can’t be all bad.

  7. Emmy #

    no links for me? :(

  8. Ethan #
  9. The Uber Tuber #

    Thank you, Jeff, for this thing of pure beauty you have given me.

  10. The Uber Tuber #

    I’m sorry. I meant Mike. I’m overworked and I’m stupid. My apologies.

  11. 11

    Does it bother anyone else, that, not only does an exemplary actor like Jeremy Irons not learn his lesson, but he’s taking John Malkovitch down with him?

  12. Michael Jeung #


    Lately it seems like moviemakers are really cashing in on the Fantasy book movie. The other obvious one is the comic book movie. And the video game movie.

    It’d be nice if someone could do a “good” video game movie. So far, Resident Evil 1 might be the best I’ve seen. Final Fantasy Spirits Within is passable too. But certainly there hasn’t been a video game movie approaching the Lord of the Rings or Batman Begins caliber.

  13. Ethan #

    Halo perhaps?

  14. Michael Jeung #

    Well, they’d better not screw it up.

    To be fair, the video game movie might be more difficult to get on screen than a Fantasy book or comic book movie. The fans can be just as uncompromising and the player-participation element of the video game may not immediately lend itself to the “let’s sit back and watch” nature of a film.

    Also, Emmy, sorry I didn’t put up a link for you. I didn’t realize you were into D&D shit. The names I posted on that link were just the people who I gamed with in Davis town. So yeah, you don’t need to add any more crying emoticons to your comment.

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