Two things…maybe three.

So this is me avoiding writing you all an email.  Please pass along info to anyone who requires it.

 First, since my professor is in charge of nearshore submissions, it looks like i will be in San Francisco from the 11-15th of December.  If i can find people who love me/house me, i could come out friday night (the…um…8th) and we can party the weekend/week away.  If no-one loves me, i’ll come out the 11th and you’ll still have to party the week away.  Savvy?  Cool.

Second, you guys want to go to mammoth again? at this point it looks like i can get the condo from the 15th-18th (still Dec)  we could drive up friday after the conference, and come back monday.  This time however, i don’t have a car so drivers will be needed.  And we will try to keep betty from downing her drinks and getting kicked out after roughly 30 min =D

Ok, there isn’t a third thing.

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09 2006

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  1. Emmy #

    Sorry, can’t go to Mammoth on those dates. My last final is the 18th.

  2. 2

    I used up all my goodwill with my company when I took a whole week off ten days after they hired me, so I’m probably a Mammoth no-go, as well (though nothing definite, yet). HOWEVER, I’m a-gonna go out on a limb and say that not only are you welcome at our place, you’re pretty much required to stay here.

    As for the third thing that isn’t there, I have come to realize recently that the Highlander people used up all of their good ideas (and goodwill) when they conceived of the idea of Highlander in the first place. Then they made the first movie and ruined everything. You can hit me for that when you visit.

  3. TeamAlcoholica #

    welllll….drat. Getting emmy to mammoth is tough. You can’t get one day off mark? shame.
    oh yeah, and *smack*
    I will have school funded housing during the conference (11-15) so it would just be the weekend before. And of course new years. Can I come visit for new years? Sweet.

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