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10 2006

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  1. Michael Jeung #
  2. The Uber Tuber #

    Damn, I misread the third question and made my calculations assuming the velociraptors DO know fear…partial credit?

  3. Michael Jeung #

    That probably depends on how tasty you are.

  4. 4

    In related news, this headline from the Celluloid Tattler:

    “Dead Horse Found Severely Beaten.”

    At approximately 3:18 PM today, the Celluloid County Police confirmed that a dead horse named “JP” had been brutally assaulted. The excact time of death is uncertain, but coroner R. Ebert estimated it to have been sometime between 1994 and 2001. While local authorities don’t have any solid leads, they have rounded up a group of known rabble-rousers that included and would-be artist Joe Johnston and the sporadically brilliant but often-maudlin Stevie Speilberg. When reached for comment, the horse’s owner, a Mr. Miguel Chrichton said “Global warming is a hoax! I helped greenlight Timeline and Congo! Whoooooo!”

  5. 5

    And hey, where’s the floorplan on the next page? And where did you find this quiz? And are there more?

  6. Ethan #

    Boy, I hope that coroner is able to get to the bottom of that mystery. Cruelty to animals is a sad thing…

    Sorry, I wish I knew where this came from (or where the floorplan was), but I do not. As is the case with much of the random crap I post these days, I just stole it off of a post at the Gamers With Jobs forums.

  7. Michael Jeung #

    You get special bonuses in that scenario if you are a hacker and know what a Unix operating system looks like.

    Protip: Unix operating systems look like shitty 3d flight simulators.

  8. TeamAlcoholica #


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  10. 10

    And, hey, return my phone calls once in a while, why dontcha? Seriously, I don’t always not answer my phone.

  11. TeamAlcoholica #

    you keep calling when i’m doing stuff then i fall asleep. i’m getting old. I though about calling you sunday morning at 8, before i realized that it clocked in at 5am your time. and you called in the middle of the prestige =P so there. I’ll call you tonight if you tell me when you’re off work.

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