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Ok, we’re going to play a game. Here’s how it works. In the next section of this post, I have listed 10 different words or phrases. WITHOUT LOOKING at other people’s answers, you must write down whatever first comes to mind for each one, and post them all in a comment.

This works best if you first open up TextEdit or Notepad and write your answers in there. Then you can go to the comments section and paste in your answers. You aren’t allowed to look at the comments until you’ve completed this exercise. Let me repeat that – this is important – you aren’t allowed to look at the comments until you’ve completed this excercise.

NO CHEATING. HAVE YOU READ THE INSTRUCTIONS? ARE YOU READY? If you are, then open up TextMate or WordPad or whatever and select the hidden text below to reveal the words and phrases. (In order to get the full effect, I prefer that you select and answer one at a time, but if you can’t do that, it’s OK.)

1.) Japan
2.) Candy ______
3.) You must remember this
4.) Top hat and monocle
5.) Errand boy
6.) Then I’ll see you in hell!
7.) Copious
8.) Patrician
9.) Tastes like _____
10.) First pull up, then pull down.

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01 2007

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  1. 1

    1. Sushi

    2. Bar

    3. An old memory, that is not mine, of a man standing by a cherry blossom tree that is gently swaying in the wind on top of a hill. The man is staring wistfully out at Mount Fuji.

    4. Mr. Peanut or Uncle Moneybags, it’s hard to say which really showed up first.

    5. Someone sent by grocery clerks to collect a bill. Are you an assassin?

    6. Han Solo, inexplicably yelling that to a soldier giving him sound advice on the frozen ice planet Hoth. Seriously, where did that come from? Is there a Space Jesus?

    7. A horn of plenty.

    8. Patrick Stewart. Hey, I’m sorry I don’t know every word in the English language off the top of my head!

    9. Burning.

    10. Undies.

  2. Emmy #

    1. sushi
    2. cane
    3. memory
    4. catsby
    5. bell boy
    6. devil
    7. large
    8. arquette
    9. butter
    10. rubber band

  3. Ethan #

    1.) Samurai
    2.) Cane
    3.) Shoestring around finger
    4.) Evil!
    5.) Bike messenger
    6.) Through a little porthole in a wall, because I don’t really plan on being there myself.
    7.) NSFW
    8.) Child molester
    9.) Chicken
    10.) Pants

  4. The Uber Tuber #

    1. Sushi
    2. Canes
    3. You do not talk about Fight Club
    4. Planter’s peanuts
    5. Random Task from Austin Powers
    6. Stewie from Family Guy
    7. Scrooge McDuck’s Money Bin
    8. Like me
    9. Chicken
    10. Toilet seat covers

  5. Michael Jeung #

    So, obviously there’s no correct “answers” to any of these, but there were quite a few items that I chose because I was thinking of very specific things. Here was my thought process:

    1.) Japan

    Wasn’t thinking of anything in particular, just wanted to start off with something relatively common to get into the flow of things.

    2.) Candy ______

    I was actually thinking of Candy Ass. Cane, apple and bar were all good answers, though.

    3.) You must remember this

    No one “got” this, but I didn’t really expect anyone to. This is from a song in Casablanca. It goes, “You must remember this, a kiss is just a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh…”

    4.) Top hat and monocle

    I needed more filler. My office-mate wears a cool hat into work and it was sitting on the bookshelf in front of me.

    5.) Errand boy

    Bosler nailed this one. I wasn’t actually trying to go after movies, but that scene from Apocalypse Now is just too good.

    6.) Then I’ll see you in hell!

    Point to Bosler again. That’s exactly the scene I was thinking of. I started thinking about this when playing Gears of War with Emmy – There’s a point where someone says to Cole, the Big Black Man who used to play Thrashball, “You used to play with the Cougars!” Or something like that. Cougars. Gears of War is based on Sera, not Earth. So either the people of Sera came from Earth and they remember what a Cougar is or what the fuck? Sci-fi fantasy that doesn’t have clear Earth-origins has some serious explaining to do whenever it pulls shit like this.

    7.) Copious

    Sorry, more filler.

    8.) Patrician

    I like the word, but I actually was thinking of John Kerry. Popular press owns my brain apparently. I have no free will.

    9.) Tastes like _____

    I was thinking “cardboard,” but I would have accepted Christmas as well. Tastes like Christmas in my mouth. I remember Jeff saying something like that to me, quoting from some webcomic that I never read about some holiday Pepsi drink.

    10.) First pull up, then pull down.

    Pat got this one exactly. I was actually in the restroom when I started formulating this post.

  6. The Uber Tuber #

    That’s right bitches. Got this one EXACTLY. Even in the bathroom I am ever-vigilant, as our Commander-in-Chief demands.

  7. 7

    Oooh, special: you’ve read the directions on public toilet sanitation dispensers. I landed TWO points to your ONE, making me the current owner of the Michael Jeung Gaming Crown of Excellence. Me and Space Jesus rocked your ass on this one, Bocash.

  8. The Uber Tuber #

    Perhaps, but you’re two points both come from a potentially unhealthy cinematic addiction, an activity which lulls you into a sort of sub-human hypnotic state as you sit motionless before a screen absorbing (as professed by yourself) random dialogue inserted by a guy who may be the worst dialogue writer in the history of the universe.
    My point, however, shows that even in the bathroom–a human’s most vulnerable time–my level of awareness remains transcendant. You may have won this round Mark, but I’ll be back, and neither you nor any toilet seat cover will prevent me from claiming my rightful victory.

  9. TeamAlcoholica #

    Sorry, i’ve been away…

    you must remember this?
    mr peanut
    mr bond
    Lord ventari

    kudos to emmy on catsby.

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