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By popular request, we have added a real-time news ticker to this site. Vampire clown attacks are on the rise. A recent study shows that Jet Li is the only man suited to play The Joker in upcoming Batman sequel. Berkeley scientists prove Madonna’s lyrics make no sense. According to real estate expert Harvey Birdman, Bay Area housing prices are quote fucking insane unquote. BrainFarts stock currently up 4 points. Trading is light. Steny Hoyer got beat by Pelosi, because Hoyer can’t dance. Hoyer has also had little to no success in getting this Party started. SimCopter One reports heavy traffic. New developments will be reported here as they occur.

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05 2007

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  1. Ethan #


    (Just so you know, though, this doesn’t count as a connect four. You have to have at least 24 hours between posts. :P )

  2. Michael #

    Well, we completed Connect 14 like two posts ago.

  3. Michael #


  4. Ethan #

    Haha, that’s great.

    I was under the impression that a double super secret game of connect four was still on going. I’d be glad to know it wasn’t, though, as I don’t have anything interesting to post right now. :D

  5. Michael #

    No, there’s a new secret game now: Connect Fourty Four.

    The goal is to post 44 days of consecutive content, without missing a day.

    We’re like…half way there right now.

  6. Ethan #

    Sweet. I’m totally down for that super secret game.

  7. Emmy #

    I thought Heath Ledge was going to be the Joker?

  8. Ethan #

    Exciting news regarding Heath Ledger as the Joker will be posted tomorrow RIGHT HERE on Brainfarts.

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