Halo Week Day 5: Wacky Hijinks

(Click to see a larger version, and be sure to hit “read more” to see more screenshots!)

So the game has been out for a couple days now. You may be wondering what people have been up to? Well, lucky for you Bungie has even more neat website integration features for Halo 3 than they had for Halo 2, and you can head over to their website and see what your friends have been doing to your voyeuristic heart’s content.

Here is my profile.
Here is Emmy’s.

And once they play the game, you will find Mike here and Shawn here.

As you can see, there’s a whole lot of information available there, but probably the most immediately impressive item is the access to screenshots. You can click “read more” below to see a few good ones that I taken (aside from the one at the top of this post). However, the more useful functions (for those playing the game at least) are those related to the file share. As you may know, any custom gametypes, custom maps, screenshots, and saved film data you have can be uploaded to Bungie’s servers and then other users can download them from there. However, you can also go browse user profiles on bungie.net and queue up files to download the next time you log on to Halo 3 on your Xbox. Pretty nifty, huh? If you are interested, you can learn all about bungie.net’s features here.

(Click to see larger versions of all shots)
Here’s a series of shots of me shooting a mongoose riding pair of people out of the air. I’m the guy in pink.

That happened in what is essentially the coolest gametype ever, called rocket race. You play in teams of two, and the point is to take your team’s “VIP” through the series of markers that pop up. The VIP has infinite ammo for his or her rocket launcher, but he can’t drive. The other player can drive, but has limited ammo and can’t score by himself. And to top it off, every person and vehicle is invincible, so the end result is similar to the most bad ass game of Mario Kart you’ve ever played. Here’s a shot from another round of that game type. This one was taken by our friend Danjo, who is the brown driver. Emmy and I are the two suckers on the pink team about to be blasted off our ATV.

Here’s a few more shots Danjo took from a co-op game he played with me and Emmy. Here we are using a marine buddy to help us pass around the spartan laser.

And here we are doing some damage with it.

Obviously, the shot at the top of the post comes shortly after this. That one is me driving, Emmy riding gunner, and Danjo sitting in the pasenger seat scoring an awesome laser hit on a nearby ghost.

And finally, here’s a shot of our friend Chiggie tricking one hunter into shooting his buddy.

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