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I recently acquired 30 seconds of my allotted 15 minutes of fame on the Buzz Out Loud podcast. (If you don’t want to listen to the whole thing, my call is around the 22 minute mark.)

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05 2006

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  1. Ethan #

    Whoa! Michael Jeung brings the tech help. Well done, sir.

    I’ll let you know if Penn Jillette ever reads my email asking if magicians like Arrested Development. Even if he does, though, that’s not nearly as cool as hitting a tech show with a massive knowledge bomb.

  2. Emmy #

    Pretty cool, Michael!

    On one of the Gamers With Jobs podcast episodes, Russ talks about me and how shy/drunk I am when we do Halo night. :)

  3. Michael Jeung #

    That’s a podcast I’ve been meaning to get into. Do you happen to remember which episode that was?

  4. The Uber Tuber #

    Okay, I have a lame techno-moron question: What kind of following do these podcasts get?

  5. Emmy #

    Mike–it’s episode number 22 at the end where they play their “outtakes.”

    It’s a great podcast, or should say was. Russ got a job at The Escapist so they’ve put the show on hiatus with the possibility of it returning in some form. Still though, there are 26 great episodes to listen to!

  6. 6

    WOOOO HOOOOOOO! Email spoofing! I know about that! Mike, this almost beats out the time in 3rd grade where I made it onto part of a KION 46 feature which involved me pointing out the features of the Jack O’Lanterns we were making for Halloween. The catch? Instead of carving the pumpkins, we stuck vegetables onto them with straight pins! It was the kind of story that makes local news reporters strongly contemplate suicide.

    Seriously, that was pretty cool. Was that this past week? Will they follow up next week? Do you get like a cool lapel pin or anything? Who are these people? How long have you been listening to them? Believe it or not, these are actually all questions I would like answered. Well, uh, I guess I’ll see most of you at work.

  7. Ethan #

    Pat, it is hard to say. I would guess that GWJ Radio probably only had somewhere between a couple hundred and a thousand regular listeners, although that probably spiked the few times the interviewed important people. The CNET podcast that Mike was on, though, probably has a much larger listener base. They might say on their website, but I would guess that it could be anywhere from 10 to 50 thousand.

    Mike, do you know? Do they ever talk about it?

  8. Michael Jeung #

    Buzz Out Loud is a daily podcast. The episode in question was from this Tuesday I believe.

    They will most likely not follow up next week – BOL is more of a consumer-rights and consumer advocacy tech podcasts. It’s unlikely that they’ll have the time or energy to really dig into SPF and talk about it again on the show.

    No cool pin or lapels. They do give out free tee-shirts, but you have to be an active forum poster to get one.

    I’ve been listening to BOL for the past two months or so. The thirty-minute a day format works nicely for me. However, I’ve been meaning to get into GWJ. I’m going to go hunt down the episode Emmy was talking about.

    And yeah — I don’t really know how many listeners BOL gets.

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