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Heya folks, I’ve got a new toy for you all. Click the link above to head over to the new Brainfarts Gallery. If you’ve ever used something like Photobucket you’ll know more or less what to expect, as the software that runs it (Gallery) is essentially an open source version of that. Of course, as is the case with most good open source projects it has a lot of neat features not found in the commercial product.

Anyway, head over there and register. You won’t receieve an email imediately because the system will be waiting for me to activate your account, but once I do so I will email you and let you know that you are ready to go. After that you will be able to create your own albums and upload your own files (one album will already be made for you).

A few notes, though:
– If you encounter any other problems or there is something you want to do with the system that doesn’t seem to be there, let me know and I will be glad to look into it.
– Feel free to use this for posting pictures to other places on the internet, just so long as it isn’t hugely popular. For example, using Gallery to host photos to post on Gamers With Jobs is fine. Using it to host picures to post to Fark is not. Other than that, though, feel free to go crazy. I have a metric fuckton of bandwidtch and storage going unused on this hosting account.

A few useful features to be aware of:
– You can upload files that aren’t pictures as well.
– There are lots of methods for adding files to your gallery. Other than direct upload, probably the second most useful method is the tool that pulls directly from a URL.
– You will notice a lot of links that mention a “shopping cart.” Gallery features a lot of plugins that allow you to use it for commerce, and while I don’t have them enabled (obviously) I do one cool feature turned on. Go through and add pictures to your “shopping cart” and then go to your cart. You will see a popup dialog box called “cart actions” from which you can choose an option to download the contents of your cart as a zip file. Very handy.

– Ethan

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